What Is the BOL When Shipping?

What Is the BOL When Shipping?

When you’re shipping your goods with an Atlanta courier company, you should learn about the various types of paperwork that they and you have to send with your shipments. One of the more important of these is known as the BOL. This stands for Bill of Lading, and it is a document that should be included with almost every shipment that is sent out.

The bill of lading is so important because of all the information that it contains. Some shipping documents contain one, or a few, small pieces of information. The commercial invoice, for example, is a document that needs to be included with most shipments that are being delivered. That document however, only really contains one piece of information. This is the amount that was paid for the delivery. The BOL on the other hand contains several pieces of very critical information.

On the BOL, information is included that describes the physical movement of the goods, the schedule of the deliveries, and the financial information associated with the delivery. First, the BOL will show the location that the shipment will be picked up from and the precise location that the shipment will be delivered to. The dates that both of those events are supposed to take place will be listed. Finally, the amount that was paid for shipping should be itemized on the BOL.

The BOL is an important document in all shipments, because those who work in shipping and receiving departments use this information to process orders in and out of their companies. However, the document is even more important when it comes to international shipping. When you ship anything across an international border, the customs agents will always require that a number of documents are presented with the shipment before they will let it across the border. One of the most important of these is the bill of lading.

If you ship something and they don’t have a bill of lading when it reaches the border, it may actually be denied access into the country you are shipping to. Those that work at the border need to know everything that they can about a shipment before they can allow it in, in order to make sure that all of the applicable shipping laws and regulations are being adhered too. This can cause you massive delays and frustrate your customers if your shipment ends up getting delayed at a border, so make sure your courier is including bills of lading with all your shipments.