Tips On How To Save Money – Never Pay Retail Again! (part 3)

Tips On How To Save Money - Never Pay Retail Again! (part 3)

We all enjoy a bit of retail therapy. However, if you enjoy shopping and you are paying full price, you are WASTING money! That’s right, you are costing yourself thousands. Now, there is no hard and fast rule for getting discounts, however there are a multitude of ways to ensure that you are getting the best possible price. So, lets have a look at how we can save some money!

1.Ask for a discount! What? – I hear you say. Yep, that’s right! Obviously you are not going to ask the check out operator for a discount when you go and buy your groceries – as you will be wasting your time in grocery stores, etc. However, when you are dealing direct with a salesperson the easiest way to get a discount is to simply ask! You have to be tactful about it though, don’t let the first words out of your mouth be “whats the best price for this”. Salespeople hate pushy or rude customers!

Remember, a salesperson generally relies on commission from the sales they make, so they don’t want to waste too much time showing you every television, etc. Research what you want before you go into a store and have a list of questions ready for the salesperson. Engage in a bit of general chit chat for a couple of minutes while looking over the items with the salesperson. Then you strike!

There are a few different ways I ask for a discount and every situation will call for a different dialogue. Probably the one I like best is “what are my chances of you being able to discount this a bit for us today?” I generally try to gauge by their reaction if there is any chance of getting a discount. Most of the time the salespeople are upfront in telling you if they can’t (eg if the item is already at a discounted price). If they can’t I just ask them, so what else could you do for me then, eg throw in a warranty, etc.

If you have already shopped around online and know a competitor is offering the same product for cheaper, just ask them if they will price match. Be careful when you do this and don’t lie by telling them that someone is offering the product at a ridiculously cheap price, because if it is cheaper than cost they will know you are lying and they won’t feel like helping you any more.

Another one I like is too blame my wife! I will say my wife will kill me if I brought one of these today, but if I can tell her you gave me a super price I know she won’t get to mad with me! Trust me – it works. Have fun and play around with the way you ask the question.

2. Plan ahead! I try to never go shopping because I actually need something. If you wait until you actually need something, unless you actually get lucky and the item you are after is on special, you will have to pay full price. The last purchase I made was a classic example, my wife and I were marveling at the huge discounts one of the large retailers was offering on Hugo Boss pants. I ended up buying two pairs and saving about 60% on normal retail prices! Now, if I needed a pair of pants urgently and they weren’t on special I would have paid full retail price (I definitely would have brought a cheaper pair that weren’t as comfortable!). So, scan the catalogues (or junk mail as some people call them) and look out for sales. My wife is a label junky and I would hate to imagine how much her wardrobe would be worth if every item she brought was purchased for full retail price!

3. Internet Shopping. I LOVE internet shopping. Considering you are reading this article it is probably safe to assume you enjoy sitting in front of the computer and surfing the net? There are thousands and I mean thousands of websites offering top quality items at discounted prices. If you haven’t already, get on board the internet shopping frenzy and enjoy the savings you can make online. I know you occasionally hear of the horror story where items are paid for and never received so try to use websites that come highly recommended.

So, for those of you who love to shop, you could definitely stretch your dollar further by being savvy about the way you shop. If you know of some other great ways to save money or some great sales on at the moment, please share them with us so we can all benefit!