Three Common Mistakes Made by Sales Professionals

Three Common Mistakes Made by Sales Professionals

Having been at different companies in several sales positions, I have been fortunate enough to see great salesmen and bad salesmen. Sometimes people ask me, “What does it take to be a great salesman?” There are many professionals out there who get paid to try and teach people how to be great salesmen. Here are some common mistakes made by sales professionals.

A very common mistake made by salesmen is that they talk too much. This is like going to a job interview and not letting the interviewer ask you any questions. What happens is the salesman tells the prospect a whole lot about the product that they may not even be relevant.

This leads to another common mistake which is the salesman focuses on their product and not on the prospect. The key is that you can have the best product in the world, but if you do not match it to what will benefit the prospect, you will not get the sale. The only way you will know what the prospect is looking for is to ask him. Let him tell you exactly how to sell him your product.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes made by salesmen is that they leave without asking for the business. It may seem simple, but yet most salesmen just assume the prospect is going to ask them where to send the check. After you have met the needs of the prospect to the features and benefits of your product, remember to ask for the business. This can be as easy as a closing statement. For example, “Well John, from what you are telling me, my widget will provide your company with everything at the right specifications and at the right price. When can we set up delivery?” Any statement that leads to a purchasing decision will do the trick.

These are just a few mistakes made by sales novices and pros alike. Just remember, it is not so much what you are forgetting to do, but maybe you are doing something wrong. Learn from your mistakes and you will become a successful sales professional.