The Psychology of Buying Jewelry for Oneself

The Psychology of Buying Jewelry for Oneself

Whether it’s your wish to help your customers find the perfect ring, or you’re just shopping for yourself, there is a certain psychology when it comes to buying jewelry.

In fact, the jewelry you choose can say a lot about you! (The same, of course, is true for your customers — what they choose says so much about them!) Is the style one seeks, bold and sophisticated? Elegant and timeless? Unconventional and fun? Will the chosen piece accessorize an amazing evening gown or a favorite pair of blue jeans? How does great jewelry make the wearer feel? How does price play a role in the grand scheme of things?

Here are some interesting notes about what the jewelry you buy says about you, and what the jewelry your clients buy says about them:

The style of the jewelry purchased reflects the buyer’s character. Big, bold pieces suggest a fearless nature, while smaller, elegant pieces suggest refinement and prosperity. Whimsical designs are chosen by folks who more spontaneous, and classic pieces are chosen by those who are well-grounded. I know these are terrible generalities! Just keep in mind that the jewelry one prefers is determined to a degree by the character of the chooser. Begin to notice and pay attention to character.

Keep in mind that a new piece of jewelry bought for oneself is also a gift. The buyer is indulging in something special to make himself or herself feel a bit more prosperous, a bit more attractive, or to celebrate his or her own being. A new piece of jewelry is a boost to the ego, and a welcome indulgence for most. Often, it’s well-deserved, and it makes the owner a feel little more distinguished, and better, and more confident.

The next time you’re choosing the perfect necklace, or helping a client choose just the right pair of earrings for herself, keep in mind that character, motives, and needs play big parts in those decisions to purchase, as you do your best to match unique personalities with uncommonly beautiful pieces they are likely to appreciate and enjoy. If, every time you are in the sales situation, you ask yourself what character, motives, and needs are present, you will soon discover yourself to be very successful.