The Deepest Truth About The Spirit Of Ron Paul

The Deepest Truth About The Spirit Of Ron Paul

As an independent trader and trading psychology coach I have chosen to partake in a world which on the one hand embodies many old world structures while on the other hand pushing the frontiers in an attempt to usher in a new paradigm.

Many of us who make our living in an environment that constantly asks of us to observe ourselves for our truths and our deepest inner convictions of what we deem to be our true nature have learnt that reality flows from within and not from without..

Inevitably politics comes into it, as financial and politics are closely linked. I, like many other traders before me had to learn that what you see on the surface is but the tip of an iceberg of a complex web of subterfuge, manipulation and power mongering which appears to be destroying the system and our freedom as individuals. The cyclical rubber band is stretched to its limits. But this gigantic power struggle is also causing ours souls to re-examine why we are here and what we truthfully desire to experience.

When the soul awakens new solutions appear, seemingly out of nowhere until they feed on their own momentum as the consciousness of the collective begins its momentous shift eventually resulting in an avalanche of change. Ron Paul symbolises this change in more ways than one:

I was introduced to Ron Paul’s politics, by an American fellow hedge fund trader about 12 years ago. His immense charisma struck me immediately to the core of my being.

Here is a man who embodies what I had to spend years to learn and what I am teaching fellow traders to experience in their coaching sessions with me. Namely the art of being independent from outside circumstances.

Ron Paul, the man is way more than his message. His compassion, his, genuine caring are larger than anything he could possibly say to the American people and the world. Ron Paul’s energetic vibration is the vibration of a man of deep soul integrity. A man who knows in himself and for himself the truth of what he embodies at the deepest level, at soul level.

The immense power of his message is simply an outward expression of his being. The inner calm that Buddhist students strive for in countless hours of sitting is his natural self. Ron Paul knows that his identity ultimately is not about his message, or whether or not he will make it to the White House.

Ultimately it is about his being. He is like the moon who does not care whether the hounds are howling at it, because he is the moon, metaphorically speaking. The moon also knows about its innate nature and in that sense it knows about what is right for it’s nature. So does Ron Paul.

Of course, Ron Paul cares deeply about his country, the constitution, peace and the abolishment of the Fed. I love what he says and of course support him totally with all my heart. I believe that under him the financial system will be regenerated and the natural market rhythms will get established once more, as artifical intervention ceases.

That said, however I invite you to see this wonderful man beyond these outward manifestations of his message.

I invite you to recognise how his inner being makes us feel alive again, and this makes us want to support him and support ourselves and our desires . Ron Paul through his very being reminds us of who each and every one of us really is. He wakes us up to find the core of our true, authentic selves and the essence of our souls.

From this place the Ron Paul campaign is garnering its strength momentum and huge credibility. I am just grateful that Ron Paul is here in these days showing us how we all deep down truly want to be.