Territory and Account Planning for the New Year

Territory and Account Planning for the New Year

“Thanks for what you did last year… now, what have you done for me lately?” Does that sound familiar?

The beginning of the year means a new number to make. This is the time to reflect on the changes in your industry, geography, technology, product offering and competition. It is time for a new plan.

Regardless of how good and knowledgeable you are, a good plan will enable you to make better use of your time and resources and produce better results… as long as you implement it!

A successful approach includes:

An insightful plan

• Understand the trends

• Develop your strategy

• Determine high leverage:

Customers to grow

Target prospects that fit “best customer profile”

Target prospects in high potential segments

Partners to work with

• Do the math to determine the dollars, number of accounts, opportunities, etc. required

• Focus on high leverage activities and relationships

• Get input from management

Energized implementation

• Act proactively… follow the plan

• Have the plan readily available… in your Sales Force Automation (SFA) system

• Review progress regularly

• Fine tune

One of the challenges of successful implementation is getting the support of the team. To do this, focus on how creating territory and account plans will help them achieve their goals. Provide support in generating powerful plans by reviewing and fine-tuning them. Recognize people who use their plans to penetrate their territory/strategic accounts. Have them present to the team how the plan helped them develop and implement a winning strategy.

Will this help you sell more?

Creating and implementing a plan that focuses on high-potential accounts, opportunities, partners improves sales productivity. According to SiriusDecisions’ Research Brief “Productivity: More than just Pipeline,” this provides:

• More Opportunities

• Shorter sales cycles

• Larger deal size

• Higher win rates

It also makes better use of time and resources!