The Psychology of Buying Jewelry for Oneself

The Psychology of Buying Jewelry for Oneself

Whether it’s your wish to help your customers find the perfect ring, or you’re just shopping for yourself, there is a certain psychology when it comes to buying jewelry.

In fact, the jewelry you choose can say a lot about you! (The same, of course, is true for your customers — what they choose says so much about them!) Is the style one seeks, bold and sophisticated? Elegant and timeless? Unconventional and fun? Will the chosen piece accessorize an amazing evening gown or a favorite pair of blue jeans? How does great jewelry make the wearer feel? How does price play a role in the grand scheme of things?

Here are some interesting notes about what the jewelry you buy says about you, and what the jewelry your clients buy says about them:

The style of the jewelry purchased reflects the buyer’s character. Read more

Calling on Retail Shops and Stores

Calling on Retail Shops and Stores

When presenting your jewelry, it is crucial that you feel comfortable. One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to keep in mind, stores and shops are not the ones doing you a favor. You are doing them a favor by providing unique jewelry at a low price that lets them make a good profit. Of course, you had better have dynamite jewelry.

Shops are NOT where most jewelry is sold these days. Read more

Effective Jewelry Display – Frame and Backdrop

Effective Jewelry Display - Frame and Backdrop

Effective jewelry display will spark the interest of a potential customer or it can cause people to keep right on walking by, entirely ignoring you and your jewelry. The goal of an effective display is to cause the display itself to be the background, while your pieces are positioned in such a way that entices contacts and prospects to come closer and pay attention.

There are many different types of props you can purchase or create for use for your jewelry displays. Read more