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Have a 401(k) Retirement Plan? Your Business May Have to Cut It if Reform Passes

Posted on May 29, 2017

Have a 401(k) Retirement Plan? Your Business May Have to Cut It if Reform Passes

    Where’s the Money?

      Laurie Kulikowski of MainST reported the possible reform to 401(k) incentives may hurt small business owners offering retirement plans to their employees because the tax benefits and incentives, if cut, will make offering these plans not so attractive.

    The losers also include employees, but again, small businesses always seem to get attacked first when it comes to balancing the budget in Washington.

    The Occupy Wall Street protest really isnt organized all that well but they do demand cutting expenses on frivolous projects or programs on the Federal level. (more…)

Tips on How to Tell an Employee: No Bonus This Year

Posted on February 20, 2017

Tips on How to Tell an Employee: No Bonus This Year

    The Griswold Scenario

      In the movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold awaits his annual Christmas bonushis plans for the bonus are biga new swimming pool in the backyard! Clarks boss, Frank Shirley has a different plan for bonuses, however: a years subscription to a jelly-of-the-month club.

    Times are tough for small business owners and very often they seek ways on how to tell an employee, No bonus this year,” and thats difficult for both the employer and their employees.

    In the Christmas Vacation Movie, the boss (Shirley) is kidnapped with hopes hell cough up a bonus much as he did in other years.

    As an employer this would be the extreme where your employees kidnapped you demanding an annual bonus, but what if you cant afford them this year?

    Discuss the Situation

    Clark Griswolds boss’s solution to denying annual bonuses was simply not telling the employees and thats never a good idea. (more…)

Investing For Wealth

Posted on November 29, 2016

Investing For Wealth

When you think about savings we sometimes forget that we are suppose to be thinking about investing just as much. Investing for wealth should be the goal of every person born especially in the United States because you get the freedom to do a lot of things. While a lot of investing is not taught in basic school, it is something you have to do to be successful in life; so you might as well learn how to. (more…)

Xero Certified Advisor Best Solution For Accounting Purposes

Posted on September 14, 2016

The Xero Certified Advisor is the best answer when you are looking forward to handle the business finances in smart manner.

Smart thinking is always required to make your business affluent. If you are thinking about running a business successfully, maintaining the bookkeeping has the major impact. It is also essential to keep a watchful eye on the financial position of your company. Now, it is imperative to explore the accounting solution available and choose the one that can assist you in getting the better hold on the business finances.

Xero accounting is the best and top known accounting software that can help you get the instant updates for business accounting. (more…)

Offering More Than Just Sandwiches

Posted on September 1, 2016

Offering More Than Just Sandwiches

Publically traded companies often take a lot of heat from the general public (you and I) and very often it’s for good reason. It often seems that all that matters is how much money the company is bringing in or where their stock price stands at any given moment. The reality is that for-profit companies are in business for this very reason, to make a profit. No company creates a business plan and opens their doors in hopes they lose money. (more…)

3 Keys to Accelerate Business Decisions

Posted on June 9, 2016

3 Keys to Accelerate Business Decisions

Have you ever arrived at an appointment expecting to have a one-on-one meeting, only to be ushered into a room filled with people, a projector on the table, and eager faces awaiting your presentation… only you didn’t know PowerPoint or a demo was part of the meeting?

Have you ever spent an hour with a potential customer only to realize that you learned little about what would lead to a sale, but feel like you gave a bunch of free consulting?

Have you ever wondered what the next steps are to helping your client reach a decision, and wonder if the next action item is your task or their task?

We cannot get angry when our clients or prospect does something that we didn’t say wasn’t ok. (more…)