Stop Selling Yourself and Let People Buy You If You Truly Want to Increase Sales

Stop Selling Yourself and Let People Buy You If You Truly Want to Increase Sales

Pick up any sales book, magazine or attend any sales training and you will usually read all about selling yourself from the questions you ask to the marketing copy you write.
What is inherently wrong with this premise is the focus is on you. Sure they (experts) talk about how your focus should be on your prospects (potential customers) and their needs. Yet in the final analysis the focus is on you and therein lies the problem.

Nothing is sold until someone makes a decision to buy. If you believe this to be true, then the emphasis on you doesn’t make a lot of sense.,

Far too many engaged in selling as their professional roles attempt to push the buyer into a buying decision. Envision for a moment a 5 foot piece of rope with you the seller holding one end and your qualified prospect (potential customer) holding the another end. Imagine you have stretched the rope as right as possible. Now push on your end of the rope. What happens? Nothing except for a grin or a small chuckle.

Of course if that prospect would pull on the rope an entire outcome would happen. You would be coming closer and closer to that potential buyer because he or she wants you to get closer. Doesn’t that second scenario make more sense?

By asking yourself How can people buy me would this change your behaviors? The first sales buying rule is people buy from people they know and trust. Then what behaviors demonstrate on your end that you are trustworthy? Sales Training Coaching Tip: Commit your values to writing because these business ethics are what you demonstrate 24/7.

In the book, People Buy You authored by Jeb Blount, he devoted more than 5 pages to this one word – Smile. For those engaged in selling, a smile is very powerful. Who wants to buy from a crabby person? Some say your eyes are the window to the soul and your smile is what opens up that window.

The continued focus on selling yourself only serves to position your ego higher than everyone else’s egos in the room. What happens is you lose your believability and authenticity. A good ego is necessary for crazy busy sales people, however a strong overbearing ego will not increase sales and may create far more problems.

Years ago Marcel Proust penned these words: The true voyage of discover is not seeking new landscapes but seeing with new eyes. Consider no longer seeing yourself as selling yourself, but allowing others to buy you and the subsequent value you bring so you truly are the Red Jacket in the sea of gray suits.