How To Get Commercial Real Estate Loans Even Within A Crappy Economy

How To Get Commercial Real Estate Loans Even Within A Crappy Economy

When Chicken Little yelled The sky is falling!, his perspective was a bit skewed. What he really meant was that he, just like all of us, when were faced with difficult challenges and we dont give up, surmounting those challenges makes us stronger by raising us up at least a few notches. If Chicken Little were a potential borrower seeking commercial real estate financing these days or even a commercial lender looking for viable projects to finance, hed undoubtedly be saying The commercial real estate loan market has tanked! But the proverbial sky is not really falling @ all; were all just moving on up in tandem to a higher level playing field. If this doesnt make sense to you yet, just keep on reading my friend, and I assure you it will become clearer to you

While many of my colleagues, some of whom are very high net worth individuals who own lots of commercial real estate, are constantly bitching and moaning that even they cant get commercial real estate loans in spite of their strong credit scores in the 800 range and stellar track records, other folks with weaker credit scores and rather lackluster track records are procuring commercial mortgages upwards of $500 million with relative ease. While on the surface, it does seem like the commercial mortgage market has essentially come to a standstill, what youve gotta keep in mind is that Commercial Real Estate Lenders have to eat too!

One thing I realized during my stint as a Commercial Credit Analyst for a large regional bank is that Commercial Lending, specifically Commercial Real Estate Lending is an absolutely huge profit center for most banks, and quite often its the most lucrative profit center. So, since the commercial real estate lending business is so profitable, somebodys always gonna be smart enough to make it work. And as successful business people, you and I have gotta be wise enough to figure out the most viable ways and means to procure the capital financing that we need to run our businesses profitably so we can also eat and feed our families as well. Once again, its a matter of perspective, where we look, and which doors we knock on.

Do you need a commercial real estate loan on a multifamily apartment building, shopping center, office building industrial facility, or any other type of commercial property financing right now? Private commercial real estate financing may be just what you need to succeed.

The good news is that theres a portal on the Internet where you can get immediate access to private commercial real estate loans, so youll have hungry Commercial Real Estate Lenders contacting YOU to compete for YOUR commercial mortgage loan business. Imagine that! Now it’s their turn to beg…

Yeah, finally YOU will be in the commercial real estate financing drivers seat! And youll soon discover just how easy it to get your deals funded right the heck now with amazing speed and efficiencyeven within a crappy economy