How Parcel Tracking Has Revolutionised the Parcel Delivery Process

How Parcel Tracking Has Revolutionised the Parcel Delivery Process

Sending parcels used to be thought of as a risky situation for some people, especially those who have expensive or delicate items to send. There have been many stories of parcels going missing, being delayed as they get left behind or even worse: parcels being intercepted or stolen. These stories have only served to knock many potential parcel senders’ confidence and may have prevented them from sending a parcel and instead using less efficient methods such as delivering parcels themselves.

The trouble is that with many international deliveries it is highly impractical to take the parcel there yourself, instead sending parcels using a courier service or parcel delivery company could get your parcels delivered as well as giving you the confidence that you’ve chosen the right service and this is down to being able to track where your parcel is, anywhere in the world!

These courier services will now be able to send parcels but keep you in the loop by providing a unique tracking code with their deliveries, this code when entered on to the courier’s site give you access to the inner workings of the courier company and tells you where the parcel was last seen. This is done by your parcel being given a barcoded sticker upon collection from your home or place of work, this barcode is related to the tracking code you are given.

As the parcel goes through the delivery process at every point along the way this barcode is scanned, normally at critical points such as entering or leaving a distribution centre or before being loaded on to a delivery truck or aircraft. This scanning updates the company’s database with the latest status for your parcel, showing you where your parcel is and making sure you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your parcels are in the best of hands.

Once the delivery is complete some services will send you an email to confirm the parcel has been received or at the very least will update the system to show that the delivery has completed, showing the time and date along with a digital scan of the signature the recipient gave to let you know the parcel has arrived at the right place.

There are plenty of people who have placed their trust in couriers and you should too, with detailed tracking along with quick and efficient delivery services these companies are well worth your time and money.