Calling on Retail Shops and Stores

Calling on Retail Shops and Stores

When presenting your jewelry, it is crucial that you feel comfortable. One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to keep in mind, stores and shops are not the ones doing you a favor. You are doing them a favor by providing unique jewelry at a low price that lets them make a good profit. Of course, you had better have dynamite jewelry.

Shops are NOT where most jewelry is sold these days. This is only an example of a single sales and marketing process: calling on retail stores, whose owners might, possibly, be inclined to be disrespectful.

You will not always receive a positive response from retailers. If you are presenting your jewelry to a shop, it could simply be that it is the wrong time of the year for that shop to add more jewelry or the store might be experiencing slow sales. They might already be overstocked. Even in the best of times, a lot of retail stores go broke, so if the owner appears sullen or morose, don’t think it has to be about you or your jewelry.

It is OK to start by saying to a retailer you don’t know that you are researching fashion trends and seeking information about the market, and polling jewelry people about the new products you have. It is a very good idea to establish a dialog with the retailer; the dialog can be about anything except that you are trying to sell her.

Remember, people buy from people they know, and so you should be content to just get to know a retailer on good terms, with an idea to return on intervals of six months or one year, as these are the kind of prospects who often eventually become life-long customers.

Where the atmosphere is right, you can ask for referrals to perhaps another shop or show or a fashion leader who might have interest in the jewelry. You will likely find that many people are quite happy to provide you with a referral even if they are not able to buy your jewelry at that particular time. When asking for a referral, remember to always say “Who do you know who will be interested…?” and never say the words “Do you know anyone who would be interested?” Just this small difference in words, over time, is worth thousands of dollars.