Budgeting Tips – Eating Your Way To Financial Well – Being

Budgeting Tips - Eating Your Way To Financial Well - Being

Do you know that food is the third largest family expense? If part of entertainment expense involves dining out, the total percentage if the family budget going to food is even greater.

Today you can follow some simple steps to reduce your grocery expenses by up to 25%. Concentrate on theses steps when you next go grocery shopping.

1. Make a grocery list. If it not on the lists dont buy it.

2. Used cash when shopping. This will make you accountable in sticking with only what on the list.

3. Dont take kids. Kids are the ultimate impulsive buyers. If possible, dont take them along while shopping.

4. Dont shop when hungry. If youre hungry you will tend to make impulsive purchase.

5. Avoid convenient stores and foods like a plague. Convenient stores are very expensive.

6. Plan menus before shopping. It avoids waste.

7. Avoid junks foods. If you must buy snacks buy healthy snack for example low sugar dry cereal and plain popcorn is healthy and less than ten cents a bowl.

8. Reduce meat purchase. Meat is the one third of the typical familys grocery bill. Try one meal with out meat each week. Meat is high in cholesterol and fat, both in which increase the potential for health problems.

9. Get a healthy heart cookbook. This will reduce not only your grocery bill but also your long-term medical bills at the same time.

10. Used coupons. Saving add up. Buy only items you really need, regardless of coupons.

11. Try store brands. Savings really add up.

12. Buy foods in season. Buying out of season can be very expensive. Change your meals to accommodate seasonal crops.

13. Grow your own vegetable. Growing your own vegetable can be fun, especially if you have kids. Some vegetables, like tomatoes and cucumbers can be easily grown by you or your children.

Maybe you have gotten in over your head. You have maxed out your credit cards and now you are getting delinquent notices from creditors. What should you be doing right now? Heres how to get out of debt and get on with your life!

    Have a serious talk with your family about your financial problems. Working as a team can make cutting expenses easier. It can also reduce the stress. Reduce your spending right know. Cut back on items that isnt necessary. Return items if possible. Talk to your creditors. Tell them your problems. Ask your creditors to settle for lower payment, let them know that you do intend to pay the debts but need to work out reduced payments, but make sure you keep your word and make those payments on time. See a credit counselor. A credit counselor can provide advice and can also help you set up a money management plan and assist you in building the financial skills you need. Dont put it off. You can improve substantially with some kindly professional advice. Whatever you do, dont be embarrassed into inaction by your spending mistakes. You wont be the first or the last person to make serious spending mistakes. Dont let pride or insecurity keep you from seeking help.