Gaining Trust With Direct Debit

Gaining Trust With Direct Debit

In the industry and among consumers, direct debit is seen as a sign of an established, well oiled company. Checks and standing orders are seen as somewhat illegitimate compared to it and it’s a much simpler system of payment for consumers. These are just some of the ways that direct debit can help your company grow with trust. Read on to find out more.

Imagine you’re a person visiting your website, a customer whose never encountered you before and came across you with a little help from search engines. Read more

Collection of Tips and Ideas for Recognizing Valued Employees

Collection of Tips and Ideas for Recognizing Valued Employees

    Why Employee Recognition Matters

      Wondering if patting employees on the back now and then is worth the hassle? Recognition is one of the keys to retaining your best employees. These same staff members could be suffering from boredom, stress and fatigue, and showing your appreciation can stave off this productivity killer.

    Another good reason to reward and recognize top producing staff members is to motivate others to do the same and even initiate some healthy competition. Read more

Can I Consolidate Payday Loans

Can I Consolidate Payday Loans

Many of the emails and phone calls I get everyday are people asking what options they have for getting out from under their payday loan debt.

And the one question I get most is people asking if they can consolidate their payday loans and the great news I get to tell them is you sure can.

There are two options for consolidating payday loans, however one of the options may not be available to most people let me explain.

Anyone can head to their local bank and fill out an application for a consolidation loan, however all banks are going to check your credit rating and if it is not up to snuff you will in many cases be denied your consolidation loan.

Now if your credit is fine the bank is also going to ask for some collateral to support the loan the bank manager may like you but they need some sort of insurance that they can get their money back from you one way or another.

Here is the problem with collateral – many people do not have enough collateral to support a consolidation loan if you have a car or truck thats great and it may be enough depending on the year and condition.

But if you have lien on your vehicle you cant use it as collateral the bank needs something of value with no liens on it.

And because of these two conditions from the banks many people cannot get a traditional consolidation loan, but fear not there is another option that everyone qualifies for.

And that is a consolidation program unlike the bank you do not need good credit in fact consolidation companies that offer these programs dont even do a credit check how great is that!

Second you do not need any collateral for this loan because its really not a loan. Read more