Debt Management Companies

Debt Management Companies

When it comes to debt management there are no easy solutions available for a magic ‘fix.’ Steps taken to help one person become debt free, and escape their financial worries may not help or suit another individual. Debt management companies offer a variety of options and custom tailored ways to enable clients to set in motion, plans that will help them to become debt free.

Choosing to use the services of a debt management company can aid you in obtaining an agreement between your Creditors, the people you owe money to,and yourself. Read more

Tips on How to Tell an Employee: No Bonus This Year

Tips on How to Tell an Employee: No Bonus This Year

    The Griswold Scenario

      In the movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold awaits his annual Christmas bonushis plans for the bonus are biga new swimming pool in the backyard! Clarks boss, Frank Shirley has a different plan for bonuses, however: a years subscription to a jelly-of-the-month club.

    Times are tough for small business owners and very often they seek ways on how to tell an employee, No bonus this year,” and thats difficult for both the employer and their employees.

    In the Christmas Vacation Movie, the boss (Shirley) is kidnapped with hopes hell cough up a bonus much as he did in other years.

    As an employer this would be the extreme where your employees kidnapped you demanding an annual bonus, but what if you cant afford them this year?

    Discuss the Situation

    Clark Griswolds boss’s solution to denying annual bonuses was simply not telling the employees and thats never a good idea. Read more

Jury Duty & Voting: What Are an Employer’s Obligations?

    Jury duty and voting are at the core of civic duty. While many place varying values upon jury duty, and voting is completely optional, there are certain responsibilities and obligations that you as an employer must adhere to when or if an individual on your payroll gets the call to serve on a jury. There are also rights that pertain to the employee in terms of voting, even though voting is completely optional.

    The Call of the Gavel

    If an employee receives a call for jury duty, federal law requires that you as an employer must provide the employee time to fulfill his or   her civic responsibility. Read more

Forex Automatic Trading – Are You Making These Forex Robot Trader Mistakes?

Forex Automatic Trading - Are You Making These Forex Robot Trader Mistakes?

The road to financial freedom, success and wealth is littered with many mistakes, and Forex automatic trading is no different. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can just buy an FX trading system and plug it in to have indefinite profits, regardless of how profitable it may be.

The truth is, there are many mistakes that users of Forex robot traders can make that prevent them from ever achieving their financial goals through Forex automatic trading. Read more

30 Reward and Recognition Ideas for Work Teams

30 Reward and Recognition Ideas for Work Teams

    30 Great Ideas that Work!

      Here are 30 simple ideas for rewarding teams and team members. We know what gets recognized by an organization, often gets repeated. These are practical ideas that can be easily modified to fit most any organization or team situation. Read more