20 Overused Euphemisms in the Work Place (And What They Really Mean)

20 Overused Euphemisms in the Work Place (And What They Really Mean)

      It is a truism that truth works better than deception, as is the fact that honesty is more highly valued than fakery. So why do so many of us rely on the verbal equivalent of these two sins, when talking or writing or delivering sometimes really quite high-profile and important presentations?

    Why? Unfortunately, many of us have fallen into the habit of verbal mimicry and laziness that is characterized by the mindless regurgitation and over-use of verbal tics, management gibberish and meaningless faddisms of phrasing.

    The worst offender (or equal worst, tied with the buzzword bonanza I hate) is the EUPHEMISM.

    So let’s tear the euphemism edifice down!

    SIDE NOTE: The web defines euphemism as…

    “…a generally innocuous word or expression used in place of one that may be found offensive or suggest something unpleasant. Read more

How To Choose Your Leverage For Forex Trading?

How To Choose Your Leverage For Forex Trading?

How to choose your leverage for Forex trading?

Leverage in forex means that you are using a borrowed capital, aka margin, to increase the potential return of your investment. For example, a leverage of 300:1 means that a $1,000 order can control 300 times that amount of money, or $300,000 , in a buy/sell deal.

Leverage can be a very deadly weapon when not used wisely. Read more

How To Escape An Online Payday Loan Trap

I have seen so many people get stuck in so many bad situations when taking out payday loans. Let talk today about how to escape an online payday loan trap.

What it it?

If you have ever taken out an online payday loan you know what I am talking about. Unless you paid it back in full on the first due date, you probably ended up in the trap yourself. What I call the trap is when you take out a payday loan and you agree to the terms of the online company and let them debit your bank account for their payments.

What is wrong with that?

Most people are in such a hurry, and know they could have their money in their bank account within 24 hours, that they do not pay attention to the terms, and when a company is charging up to 400% APR you must pay attention.

Most online companies will charge an extremely high rate to borrow the money, and it will be a recurring payday charge unless you specify otherwise with a phone call within 3 days of the due date.

Did I lose you?

Thought so, and the loan companies are counting on you getting lost too, in a very big way.Lets take a closer look to see why.


    A 2 week payday loan of $500.00 Interest on this loan for the 2 weeks: $150.00 Total loan payoff on your next payday $650.00

That is a pretty stiff charge to borrow $500.00 for two weeks, but so be it. Read more

10 Methods to Reduce Employee Turnover

10 Methods to Reduce Employee Turnover

    One: Focus on the Hiring Process

      Retaining employees starts at the beginning of the hiring process, and therefore is the first step in your retention efforts. It may not be in the companys best interest to post a job and hope for the right person to apply. Read more