Month: June 2016

Strategies for Four Tough Selling Cases (Part 1)

Posted on June 22, 2016

Once in a while, your selling skills are tested with the toughest selling situations imaginable. Here are four examples and some ideas you can tap into the next time these less-than-ideal situations present themselves.

• The competition is entrenched.

• Your sole-supplier position is threatened.

• You’re the higher-priced supplier.

• The customer just wants you to bid.

When the competition has been the sole supplier for ages

In this scenario, the point is not to “steal” the business but to explore opportunities where you, better than anybody else, can make a contribution to your customer’s business results. (more…)

How Well Do You Understand Labor Laws? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Posted on June 19, 2016

    It seems every few years a new labor law descend upon us, and HR managers and business owners need to stay updated on not just the new but the old laws as well to ensure compliance. Not sure how versed you are on employee labor laws? Take our quiz to test your labor law IQ.

    Sure, you may think you know all the requirements such as when to pay overtime, the Family Medical Leave Act or even what safety policies your company must follow to stay in compliance with OSHA.

    Some of questions may surprise you, however–why not take a whack at it? At the end, we provide some useful Bright Hub articles on labor law topics.

    Test Your Knowledge of Labor Laws

High Traffic Signs – Using LED Signs To Invest In The Future Of Your Business

Posted on June 15, 2016

High Traffic Signs - Using LED Signs To Invest In The Future Of Your Business

High traffic areas are the best place in the world to have a large LED sign in front of your business. LED signs can make the difference between you having a great year and just a mediocre one. My name is Mr. LED and I am the LED sign expert. Let me tell you why LED signs are a great investment for you.

When I think of an investment I think about the return it is going to give me in the long run. (more…)

3 Keys to Accelerate Business Decisions

Posted on June 9, 2016

3 Keys to Accelerate Business Decisions

Have you ever arrived at an appointment expecting to have a one-on-one meeting, only to be ushered into a room filled with people, a projector on the table, and eager faces awaiting your presentation… only you didn’t know PowerPoint or a demo was part of the meeting?

Have you ever spent an hour with a potential customer only to realize that you learned little about what would lead to a sale, but feel like you gave a bunch of free consulting?

Have you ever wondered what the next steps are to helping your client reach a decision, and wonder if the next action item is your task or their task?

We cannot get angry when our clients or prospect does something that we didn’t say wasn’t ok. (more…)

Stop Selling Yourself and Let People Buy You If You Truly Want to Increase Sales

Posted on June 3, 2016

Stop Selling Yourself and Let People Buy You If You Truly Want to Increase Sales

Pick up any sales book, magazine or attend any sales training and you will usually read all about selling yourself from the questions you ask to the marketing copy you write.
What is inherently wrong with this premise is the focus is on you. Sure they (experts) talk about how your focus should be on your prospects (potential customers) and their needs. (more…)